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Am I really happy?

Hey all!

So, tonight at dinner my sister asked my mom if she was happy. She said she was, but there where a few “bumps” in the road. Then my mom asked my sister and I. It really got me thinking. Am I really happy? I also didn’t really want to hurt my mom and sister’s feelings by saying that I wasn’t happy where I am. I don’t like being home because I hate not having something to do. At school, I have my friends, classes, sorority life, and etc. to keep me busy. Where as I’m at home, I have a few friends, who are currently home, and not out of the country studying/working abroad. So, at home I’m really struggling to keep busy, and make myself happy. I’m the kind of person that needs to keep busy at all times, or else I get really board and depressed.

But I can’t say that I’m not happy because I have my family, I have a nice home, and a great life. So all in all, I’m a pretty content with life at the moment, and I’m going to continue with my life, and hope for the the best.

that’s all for now.


Rach H.

Regular Blog Post

Girls just wanna have fun…

I started to work again last Tuesday. For those who are going to ask, I work as a nanny for a family who lives close to me. I have to drive out to DC everyday to pick her up from school, but luckily tomorrow is her last day, and I don’t have to pick her up tomorrow, and I don’t have to work Friday. So, I get a 4 day weekend.

I’ve been so lazy when I haven’t been working, and I’m mad at myself for that. I’ve thought about getting into working out at home, but for me, I’d rather pack myself and head to the gym because I’m more likely to workout once I get to the gym, but at home I keep putting it off. I’m going to start doing an at home yoga practice, hopefully soon, which I can keep you guys updated on, and if you have any cool monthly yoga flows please send them my way!

On Friday, I will be heading out of town to go visit my family in North Carolina for my cousins High School graduation. We’re also going down to visit my grandpa who isn’t doing too well right now, so my sister and I want to spend as much time with him as we can. I’m pretty excited to go down because I love going on road trips. I find driving there part of the fun! I’m just worried about my bunny because I will be leaving her for a few days with out my mom, sister, or I. I believe my dog is coming along too!

Tomorrow, I will be hanging out with one of my friends from Montgomery College who is my twin and one of my closest friends out there. I’m pretty excited because I haven’t seen her in months, since I go to school like 2.5 hours away from her, and we both are very busy people. I always look forward for my time with her because she keeps me very grounded, and makes sure I have my head on my shoulders. She’s honestly someone I go to for advice about anything and everything; she also legit knows everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. So I’m happy I can finally catch up with her now that it’s summer, and she’s kind of on a break.

I will be keeping you guys posted on my travels and where about(s). I’m thinking about starting up vlogging again, but I don’t know if I will or not. Leave you input in the comments about it!

bye for now!


Rach H.